Should you wear a necklace with an off the shoulder dress?

Should you wear a necklace with an off the shoulder dress?

The following are some suggestions, which can facilitate the choice of many necklaces for patients with difficulty. Wearing a necklace has two main functions: one is embellishment so that your outfit has details and highlights, which can form a visual center point and play a finishing touch. . The second is to modify the neck, which generally has the effect of visually lengthening the neck. Mainly from three points-length, shape, style to distinguish necklaces. First, offer this picture, you can intuitively understand the length of the necklace.

If you buy a necklace online and there is no model picture, then we can roughly understand where the necklace reaches the neck by looking at the length data of the necklace.


Due to gravity, necklaces can generally only be divided into V-shaped (including Y-shaped) and U-shaped

This kind with a pendant underneath is V-shaped

This kind of falling bar is Y-shaped, but it also belongs to V-shaped, because the visual effect is the same as V-shaped.

This kind of oval shape is not prominent. The reason why U-shaped necklaces have so many choices is that the combination of necklaces and different collar types will produce wonderful chemical reactions. Post a picture from a website below to get an abstract idea of ​​what length necklace should match with different collar types.

To sum it up in a simple sentence-high neck with a long necklace, a low neck with a short necklace, a short neck with V-shaped, not a short neck can be free! Let's talk about the style below. The style of the necklace should be consistent with the style of the clothes so that it will not be abrupt and play a finishing touch. That is-European and American style clothes with European and American style necklaces, Japanese and Korean style clothes with Japanese and Korean style necklaces, and Chinese style clothes with Chinese style necklaces are not recommended to mix and match. In addition to large and exaggerated necklaces, buy carefully below to share some daily necklace collocation options.

I was so touched when I saw the end. I will share with you the last tips to buy necklaces less, more expensive, and more versatile, which can make your clothes of one or two hundred yuan look like four or five hundred yuan. The same is true for other accessories. Also, buy what you really like and feel happy wearing it every day. Finally, let me tell you, in fact, the V-shaped, U-shaped, and Y-shaped are my personal summaries. I hope I can help you!!

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