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Blingrunway is a story about documenting jewelry making.We are known for documenting the stories behind jewelry.


At Blingrunway, I want my jewelry to make the wearer feel confident, beautiful, luxurious, refined, elegant and comfortable. I am dedicated to providing sparkling jewelry keeping in mind affordable prices and premium quality.
We love documenting the story behind your jewelry and showing how it was made in the form of a video. Give you a different jewelry shopping experience.


Accustomed to working with fine jewelry, our artisans with over two decades of experience are proficient in a variety of intricate techniques including wax carving, lost wax casting, gem cutting, setting, enamelling and more. Our own jewelry workshop ensures that all jewelry is polished to the highest level.

We guarantee that our jewelry uses genuine materials. Only the best techniques are used to create jewelry, with our team overseeing every stage of the process. Behind every piece of jewelry is an expert who invests time and great attention to craftsmanship. Obsessed with details. We are committed to providing our customers with a unique, superior and thoughtful online shopping experience

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