Application in contemporary jewelry design

Application in contemporary jewelry design

In jewelry design, on the one hand, jewelry is attached to the load of the body, on the other hand, the body is also different due to the presence of jewelry. In the past, some of the jewelry design themes were derived from nature, for example, some plants or animals. Some are geometric figures.

As the external manifestation of human beings in nature, the human body is the original aesthetic object of mankind, the highest form in nature, and a form of extremely high beauty.

The natural attribute beauty of the human body, on the premise that it has a human physiological structure, the conceptual elements of beauty, the proportions, lines, postures, etc. of the human body that are extracted during exercise or labor.

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The use of human body elements in jewelry design


Material selection

The choice of materials in jewelry design is very important. Different materials have their own characteristics. When choosing materials, designers will not only consider the texture of the material itself, but also the achievability of the craft. Traditional metal crafts with characters or animals as elements mainly use precious metals such as silver as the main material. When the forging process is mainly used, the strong ductility of silver can show these intricate and fine patterns.

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Color matching


Color matching is an important way to increase the attractiveness of art products. Colored gems can instantly enhance the richness of jewelry designs. The difference of the material will cause the brightness and purity of the color to be different. This allows more room for color matching. Rene.

Take the famous work "Dragonfly Brooch" by Lalique as an example. The main body of the brooch is a dragonfly. An almost naked female ketone body replaces the upper body of the dragonfly. The outstretched arms become the wings of a dragonfly, making the figure's posture fit the dragonfly shape.

The ivory color of the main character is the background color, the head decoration and the warm gold of the wing skeleton and the dragonfly tail are inlaid with blue gems, and the wings are decorated with colored transparent glass and enamel, forming a contrast between warm and cold.


Sparkling diamonds can enhance the overall highlights. Formally, the human body curve and the natural curve are harmoniously integrated,


René. The innovative use of Lalique's stained glass and different jewels in expressing character shapes inspired later artists. That is, it can reduce the intensity of the decoration of the main body of the character, and focus on the decoration of the additional objects of the character, such as clothing and so on. The Van Cleef & Arpels ballet brooch series uses a ballerina as the main element.

The body of the character is framed in silver, and the dance skirt is decorated with jewels of various colors. In this way, it retains the agile beauty of the dance movements and shows the brilliance and luxury of the jewelry.


The purpose of our company


Jewelry is not only an ornament worn on the body but also a medium for expressing human emotions and thoughts. In the past, jewelry played an important role in the universal values that everyone respected. It often represented loyalty, nobility, and honor.

As a unique design element, the human body is adopted by contemporary designers. It is a signal of a change in thinking from the original centering on the external world to the center of the self-world. Start to face up to yourself and release your nature. The foundation of this idea is the respect for human differences and the affirmation of potential abilities.

Life and love, ideals and freedom, memories and pain, faith and spirit, the narrative of jewelry gives jewelry more value than traditional values

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