How to avoid matching wrong jewelry, affecting the overall image?

How to avoid matching wrong jewelry, affecting the overall image?

All kinds of dressing rules are inseparable from the bonus item of jewelry. Jewelry is not as conspicuous as clothes and bags, but silently and confidently declares your aesthetics and style in the details. The right jewellery is the finishing touch, but the wrong jewellery is hard to say. We paint exquisite makeup, put on fashionable dresses, and look thin without jewelry, and we are afraid that the wrong jewelry will hinder the overall image. What should we do?

After reading this series of articles, you can confidently match up as much as you like.

Today we are going to talk about the overall article. Based on our past experience and collocation knowledge, we have sorted out the following aspects: color, weight, texture, style.


Color system

In fact, many girls are already familiar with color matching, but what I want to say is the same color matching of metal. What should I match with it?

The answer is our bags. Nowadays, many bags are made of metal chain buckles. Pay attention to this kind of bag when you go out. Gold matches with gold and silver matches with silver. Small details will make your match more harmonious..


If you wear colored gemstones, even more, advanced matchmakers can use colors to create a good match.


Sense of weight


Whether it is clothing or accessories, every single item has its own sense of weight. Just as a thick sweater with a thick needle and a thin necklace will look weird, the balance of weight is also the key to matching.


Summer clothes and skirts with a light texture are not suitable for wearing too heavy accessories. The slender and light embellishments give people a fresh and natural sense of refinement.

Winter clothes are heavy, and the thickness and exaggeration of the accessories also need to be improved to achieve a better embellishment effect.





The texture of jewellery can improve the overall texture to a certain extent. A high-quality jewelry item can increase the texture level of a set of decent clothing, that is, the overall look is better! expensive!


But a bad match will have the opposite effect.

For example, it is best not to wear jewelry when wearing sportswear, or a small diamond stud earring is enough. If there are more, it will be cumbersome and strange.

Wearing a formal dress and not wearing jewelry is flat. Wearing a set of exquisite jewelry makes the whole person look more temperamental. If you wear cheap jewelry with poor texture or too much exaggerated expensive jewelry, it will appear Very strange.

And luxury dresses would appear thin without bling-bling high-end jewelry.


Wear the clothes of which texture level you wear, and wear the jewelry of the corresponding or slightly higher level of texture level. There is nothing wrong with it.




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Having mastered the above collocation rules, jewellery collocation is handy, and it can add to your whole set of images~ If you want to buy or inquire about jewellery related questions, please click here.

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