Different materials are worn carefully

Different materials are worn carefully

The exquisiteness of wearing pearl jewelry


 1.Pearl earrings

Ear bead or long pendant pearl earrings can be adapted to the needs of different occasions.

The office dress is simple and serious. Wearing a pair of stud-style pearl earrings can express femininity in a subtle way, and it can also make your office dress not so serious and overly rigid.

Long pendant earrings are more suitable for wearing with dresses. When the earrings sway between the earlobe and the neck, they can add to the dress and feminine beauty.


2.Pearl necklace


The styles and styles of pearl necklaces vary widely, in order to lengthen the neck and increase the elegance of women. Pearl necklaces can be purchased according to the characteristics of different groups of people.

If the wearer is petite and not tall, you can choose a medium-length pearl necklace. Older women should choose white gold pearl necklaces; younger ones can choose black, pink, or some lively and young colors.

Taller women can choose long styles or even some exaggerated super long styles. It is a good way to wear it alone with a few turns around the neck.


 3.Pearl pendant

Pendants are more suitable to be worn with rings or earrings at the same time. Pendants are available in simple single pearl pendants and luxurious stone pearl pendants. Single pearl pendants are suitable for daily wear, while luxurious pearl pendants are more suitable for solemn occasions


How to wear zircon jewelry



Can I wear crystals when swimming in the bath?


Answer: It can be worn, but it is best not to wear it.

Why do you say this? It means that it will not have any effect on zircon, and bathing liquid will not harm zircon, because zircon will neither react with acid or alkali nor with other chemicals in general.

This kind of reaction occurs, and it reacts with fluorine only under high-temperature conditions. But why is it better not to wear it? Because the crystal is fragile, it will be troublesome if the wire is broken by accident.


Why should zircon be purified regularly?


First, zircon absorbs the negative energy of the body. It is like a trash can. When it is full, it is necessary to release it regularly. Only release will bring more good luck to people.

Second, the zircon stone itself will have dirt adhered to the surface for a long time, so cleaning is essential.

Thirdly, when it is purified and purified, the mind can be at ease, and only then can we believe in its aura more.

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