Accessories matching skills-jewelry and bags

Accessories matching skills-jewelry and bags

Item One:Jewelry matching skills

The correct collocation of jewelry can reflect the strength of wearing and enhance personal taste.

Earrings and necklaces are displayed on the same plane, so the colors of the two should match, that is, gold earrings with gold necklaces, and silver earrings with silver necklaces.

Clothing suitable for matching necklaces: V-neck tops or V-neck dresses. The V-neck can modify the face shape and lengthen the neck proportion. Compared with the round neck, it looks smart and chic, but the V-neck design is used where the chest is exposed, so it needs to be decorated with accessories.

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Second section :

Choice of jewelry color

The brightness and brightness of silver jewelry is higher than that of gold. The combination of silver and yellow leather will set off dull skin. When choosing tops, choose solid, dark and white tops to restore the brightness of the skin.Classic collocation: black V-neck dress, screen black high-neck/mid-high-neck bottoming shirt

Gold, you can choose when there is a yellow tone in the costume design (dark green, yellow, orange, etc.). Wearing golden jewellery echoes the clothes, and the overall wearing will look more harmonious.

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Section Three:

Bag matching skills

1. Bags are also a kind of accessories. The collocation is the same as jewelry and silk scarves to add the finishing touch to the overall wear. For the texture of the bag, pure leather should be selected. The workmanship is more exquisite. Divided into the following types:


1.1Minimalist style: The color of this kind of bag is mostly pure black or black and white. The color is extremely simple. All the highlights will be concentrated on the design. The keywords reflected in the outfit are temperament, elegance, professionalism, and taste. , All service collocations must also meet these keywords, so that they can complement each other. In terms of size, you can choose a medium-sized or small-to-medium-sized package.

Matching recommendation: Khaki windbreaker + black / black and white contrast

Black small suit + white/black and white contrast

Light-colored casual suit + white


1.2 Chain bag + small fragrance: The design of most chain bags will match some diamond stripes, retro grids, and metal elements, making the bag as a whole present a small fragrance, which is very delicate. This type of bag is best to buy small bags or small bags, too large bags will destroy the original taste of this design. The golden yellow of the chain and metal elements can enrich the overall color of the outfit, and the exquisite small fragrance design of the bag itself can also reflect the taste of the outfit. When the overall color of the outfit is relatively single and does not seem to be bright, choosing a bag like this will immediately come out.


2. Selection of bag size and model

Choosing a large bag or a small bag is closely related to the overall clothing characteristics. If the overall wear is already a loose version, it is not recommended to carry a large bag, as it will look bloated overall. Choosing a delicate small bag can balance the bloated feeling brought by the clothes. On the other hand, if the whole body is more self-cultivating, choosing a big bag is completely no problem. In short, the bag is for the overall wear service

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