Tips for matching earrings according to face shape

Tips for matching earrings according to face shape

When a delicate woman meets a beautiful piece of jewelry, there is an emotional sympathy between the two. Women know that the value of jewelry is not just as simple as the high price, but its beauty, rarity, eternity, etc.

The reason that deserves to be cherished and cared for is just like her; and jewelry also makes a woman the focus of the audience, reflecting her status, showing her strength, and showing the noble and extraordinary temperament from the details, so today I will explain it to everyone, How to match the face with earrings.


//Rule 1 Goose egg face: There is a wide range of styles to choose from. The length of the earrings is best to reach the chin, which can make the facial lines soft and firm. Recommend the fringed long diamond earrings; if you want to be more fashionable, don't choose pearl elements, etc., please refer to Romance House Song Hye Kyo's beautiful earrings~👇

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//Rule 2  Round face: Choose rectangular, whip-shaped, chain-link-shaped, drop-shaped, leaf-shaped, and other slender pendant earrings, the length is about 2~3cm, with a balanced round face effect!

Don't wear large-piece, on-ear earrings, let alone large circle earrings, which will round your face~


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//Rule 3 Square face: You can choose earrings with sleek shapes, such as: drop-shaped, oval, oblong, crescent, new leaf, single petal, spiral, long arc earrings, etc.;

Try to avoid earrings. They can’t make up for face defects and will enhance the highlighting defects. Don’t wear square, triangular, pentagonal, and other hard-lined earrings, which will highlight the angularity of the face.


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//Rule 4Long face: You can choose more round or full earrings, which can increase the weight between the ears or the neck, such as on-ear large gemstone earrings, colorful retro earrings, which can make the long face look nobler;

Avoid wearing long swing earrings, which will make your face look longer~

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//Rule 5 Daily collocation

Diamond face: earrings with drop-shaped, round, and other designs are available; Avoid wearing diamond-shaped, heart-shaped, inverted triangle, and exclamation mark-shaped earrings, which will make the chin appear more pointed and angular!

Big face: Optional pendant earrings, avoid wearing round earrings~

Girls with glasses: optional on-ear earrings, which look elegant and beautiful; don’t choose large pendant earrings~

Medium-length hair: Don't let the earrings be the same length as your hair, but have a sense of patchwork and layering~

The clothes are relatively plain: choose earrings that are eye-catching and larger to increase the sense of presence!
Dark clothes: You can choose gold or silver earrings to brighten your clothes~


The above is the least error-prone to choose the shape of earrings according to the face shape, but the specific overall effect matching depends on the makeup and styling. Learn more, try and compare, and it will become more and more handy.


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