How to clean silver necklace?Pay attention to these details!

How to clean silver necklace?Pay attention to these details!

Silver necklaces are the favorite necklaces of many girls, because the price of silver necklaces is not expensive, and there are many styles, which are versatile with clothes in daily life. However, if you wear a silver necklace for a long time, there will always be some grease or stains on it, which makes the silver necklace look very dirty, but it cannot be cleaned with ordinary water, so how to clean the silver necklace? Today, Blingrunway will recommend several methods for cleaning and maintaining silver necklaces.

1. Use salt and tin foil

Prepare a small bowl, then cover the bottom of the bowl with a large piece of tin foil, with the bright side facing up, then put the silver jewelry that needs to be cleaned, and pour salt into it. The salt must cover the jewelry. Finally, pour boiling water, stir it with chopsticks, and wait for a few minutes, you can find that the blackening of silver jewelry is gone, rinse it with water and it will be clean. The principle is that the saturated saltwater causes the easily reactive aluminum to lose electrons, and the silver oxide is reduced to silver element.

2. Use a silver cloth

The silver cloth itself has cleaning substances on it, so it is the best way to clean silver jewelry regularly. It can remove the grease and stains on the silver necklace and make your silver necklace shine.

If you can restore 80% of the gloss of the necklace with a silver cloth, try to avoid using other chemical methods for cleaning because the silver necklace is equivalent to corroding the surface after using these chemical methods!

3. Use ultrasound

You can use an ultrasonic cleaning instrument for cleaning, pour the jewelry cleaner into it, then put in the silver necklace, and then start the cleaning directly. Of course, when you take it out, it is best to rinse it with clean water, so that there is no residue on it.

The tiny bubble nuclei in the liquid generate bending vibration under the action of ultrasonic waves. When the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubble will expand rapidly, and then suddenly close, and a shock wave will be generated when the bubble closes. A series of dynamic processes, such as expansion, closing Stages, and oscillations, known as parametric cavitation, and the cleaning force comes from this shock wave. For dirt adhering to the surface of the item, this cleaning power is almost everywhere, there is no dead spot, and the narrow gaps and grooves that cannot be reached by manpower and brushes can basically be cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaner.

4. Use silver washing water

Because the chemical properties of silver-washing water are very strong, you must not use silver-washing water to clean it unless it is absolutely necessary, because if you use silver-washing water for many times, it will cause the silver necklace to corrode.

The most important thing in this method is to control the soaking time, generally no more than 3 seconds. It can be slightly shortened and then extended according to the specific situation. If the necklace is seriously oxidized, it can be soaked for a few seconds. After taking it out, wash it with water and wipe it clean. If you don't know how to control the time, it is recommended to send it to a professional jewelry repair and maintenance agency for cleaning.

5. Brush with toothpaste

Toothpaste is a good helper for removing black from silver necklaces. Toothpaste is rich in fine calcium carbonate particles that rub off the surface of silver oxide

Start by applying toothpaste to a soft toothbrush and brush directly on the silver necklace. The strength must be gentle, otherwise, there will be scratches on the necklace. After a little brushing, you can rinse it with water. If there is still a place that has not been cleaned, you can repeat the operation or partial brushing! Finally, remember to place the necklace on a soft towel to absorb moisture.

It should be noted that after scrubbing with toothpaste, it must be washed with clean water, preferably pure water, not tap water disinfected with chlorine. The tap water containing chlorine can easily lead to the formation of silver chloride on the surface of the silver necklace, and the decomposition of silver chloride by light will still cause the surface of the silver necklace to turn black. Many people's silver necklaces turn black soon after being scrubbed with toothpaste, probably because they are washed with chlorine-rich tap water.

6. Use overnight tea water

Did not expect it! The overnight tea water can also remove the stains and oxides from the silver necklace, just wipe it with a cotton cloth soaked in the overnight tea water for 10 minutes. Note that after wiping, you need to remove the residual tea with water to avoid the oxalic acid in the tea from corroding the silver necklace


After cleaning the silver necklace, pay attention to maintenance, do not touch various strong acids and alkalis, do not touch strong oxidizing substances, and do not touch various sulfides. Nowadays, many people pay attention to hygiene. They often wash their hands with various soaps, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and bathe with soaps. These washing products will also cause the silver necklace to turn black, especially the sulfur soap. Therefore, when personal care, try not to stain the silver necklace with detergent, it is best to take off the silver necklace and keep it sealed.

In addition, if the silver necklace you wear turns black again within a few days after cleaning, you should pay attention to check the working and living environment. It is likely that there are more toxic substances or acidic and strong oxidizing substances in the environment. It is not only poisonous to silver necklaces, but also to the body, while acidic and oxidative substances are very harmful to the skin and respiratory tract.

Knowing so many ways how to clean silver necklace, why don't you try it now! Get your silver necklace back to its luster!

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