How to tell if a necklace is real gold?

How to tell if a necklace is real gold?

Teach you how to identify the authenticity of gold jewelry!


Gold jewelry refers to jewelry made with gold as the main raw material. The gold chemical symbol is Au, the specific gravity is 17.4, and the Moh's hardness is 2.5. Gold jewelry can be divided into pure gold and K gold from its content. The amount of gold jewelry is above 99%, up to 99.99%, so there is "ninety gold", "full gold", and "red gold". K Golden Jewelry is a piece of jewelry made from other metals (such as silver, and copper metal) in its gold, also known as "open gold", and "color gold". Since there are more additions to other metals, the number of K gold jewelry is formed. The size of the K number and the amount of gold are as follows:


24K, 99%; 22K, 91.7%; 21K, 87.5%; 18K, 75%; 14K, 58.5%; 12K, 50%; 10K, 41.66%; 9K, 37.5% 8K, 33.34% 6K, 25%


In the gold jewelry, the pure gold first jewelery is soft, and the biting is printed, it is easy to be bent, the color is golden, pure, soft, feels heavy, and there is a heavy feeling. K gold first is slightly harder, the bite is unprinted, and the color is yellow and white, the number is reduced, and the white is getting angry. K gold jewelery is not as heavy as pure gold jewelry. In addition, whether it is pure gold or a print on K Gold Jewelry. Prints on gold jewelry, useful "gold words", and use "kg" English letters to express texture. When the content of the "99" or "24K" is indicated by the "99" word or "24k", it is pure gold jewelry. The K gold jewelry is different from the amount of gold, indicating the corresponding K number, such as the "18K" K gold jewelry, which is 75 %. In addition, the jewelry also marks the origin print of different manufacturers. Really gold jewelry, printed standard, complete, clear, is an important discrimination identification.


There is more jewelry, which is easy to confuse with gold jewelry, some are gold-plated jewelry, some are gold jewelry, some are copper jewelry, and some of them are copper alloy jewelry. The following is a brief description:


Gold-plated jewelry is a layer of gold plated in other metal jewelry surfaces, the color is similar to the real gold jewelry, golden light, and it is difficult to defend. However, the gold-plated jewelry has a relatively light, texture is harder, the teeth are unprinted, and it is easy to fade. Some electroplating gold-plated jewelry, the color is not red, it is white, or flowers.


Color gold jewelry refers to a gold foil on other metal surfaces, such as the K number of gold foils being too low, and its softness is poor. The appearance of the package gold jewelry is similar to true gold jewelry, and the golden light is shining, and it is not easy to fade, which makes people true and false. However, carefully observing the depression of the jewelry, at the angle, behind, etc., it can be found that there is a phenomenon that the gold foil is uneven, and there is a phenomenon of formed. If there is a break joint such as the jewelry, it can be seen from now on that the section of the metal material is yellow. In addition, the package of gold jewelery is also lighter, the texture is harder, and the teeth are biting, it is not easy to bend, and the long-term gold foil is easy to get off.


Copper jewelry color is yellow in yellow, fake, the gloss is dark, the texture is soft, and the weight is light. Copper alloy jewelry (copper-tin alloy), color is white, hard is hard, long-lost, will make the skin black.


Whether it is gold-plated jewelry, gold jewelery, or copper jewelry, Yasjin Jewelry, is generally not a print similar to gold jewelery. Or the printed sign is different from the gold jewelry, if some jewelery engraved with English letters "GK", its meaning is "gold plating". If the printed trace is ambiguous, the skews are obliquely, and the consumer should pass the identify of whether there is a print on the top, whether the print is in line with the above provisions, whether the print is clear, etc.


There are many identification methods for gold jewelry. The Chinese folks have summed up a simple way. It is: look at color, weight, listening rhyme, folding, stone, comparison card, with the acid point, formal colors. The first four sentences have been in touch with the feeling of feelings; the following four sentences require tools and reagents.


one. Look

According to the different glosses and colors of the gold, the pure gold, K gold, real gold, fake gold. That is, the gold is better, the color is more than 95%; the positive yellow color is about 80%; the color of the blue-yellow is about 70%; yellow slightly gray color is about 50%. For jewelry that has been around for a long time, there is a statement, "Copper turns green, silver turns black, and gold never changes color


two. Density

The prime density is 19.32 g / cm centimeter, more than around the same volume of silver, lead, and tin weight. Available formula: The quality of certain gold jewelry (gram) is equal to the volume (cubic centimeter) of certain gold jewelry. The density of the gold jewelry is determined, the density is 19.32 g / cm centimeter, which is pure gold or more pure gold, otherwise, it is gold for non-pure gold or color difference (this method has no destructive damage to the jewelry).


three. Fold

Gold has the characteristics of small ductility and hardness, which can be compressed into a thickness of 12.7 microns. When the color is high, the head is used to leave a trace with a head or nail. After more than 97% of gold jewelry, bending two or three times, wrinkles in the bend, also called fish scale; gold jewelry 95% color gold jewelry, it feels hard, the fish scale is not obvious; 90% have a color gold The jewelry, the bend is very hard, there is no fish scale; the gold jewelry containing more impurities, bending two or three times; if it is made, it is bent is broken, and the section has obvious sand shape. When using this method, the width and thickness of the jewelry should be considered, thick, thin, thin, and narrow.


Four. Listening to rhyme, watching flexibility

When the colored gold jewelery is tapped or thrown hard, there is no sound, no sound rhyme, no elasticity, K gold has a sound rhyme, sound, stretch, elastic, and sound rhyme The smoother, the poorer, the worse the color.


five. Try the color stone identification

Use the gold to sign the card (the gold medal that has been confirmed) and the top of the trial, and the gold jewelry is determined by comparison color. This method should be carried out under natural light and fluorescent lamps and cannot be carried out under direct sunlight and incandescent lamps.


six. Acid point

On the trial gold, the trimmed jewelry, and the card, the grid is used to test the nitric acid in the trim, the chemical properties of the gold element are stable, and the color is not changed. If not gold or non-pure gold, Taoism disappears or changes. The variation is "three fast, three slow", that is, the color of the color is fast, the color is high, the mixed gold disappears quickly, the Qingjin disappears slowly; the big mix is disappeared, the small mix is slow. Depending on the disappearance of the Golden Road, the gold jewelry can be determined to determine the color of gold.


Have you learned it? Go to test your gold jewelry.

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