How to untangle a necklace?Now teach you a few ways

How to untangle a necklace?Now teach you a few ways

How to untie the knot when the necklace is knotted, a few tricks to help you 

How to untangle a knotted necklace? I believe this question is something that many women especially want to know. In fact, it is not difficult to untie the knot of the necklace. The key is to master some small skills, so that you can untie it without damaging the necklace.

For many women, necklaces are an essential item in their daily outfits. Especially for those who often have to attend some parties or annual meetings, a necklace with good texture can always make you dazzling and charming. At the same time, the necklace can also show the unique atmosphere of women. This is a lot of clothing. The limit that cannot be done. However, unfortunately, some people will knot the necklace because of the wrong position. So, how to deal with this problem?



Method.Ⅰ Use a silver needle


Under normal circumstances, the knot of the necklace rope cannot be unraveled because the knot is too small. Especially for some pearl necklaces, the ropes used in them are often slender and a little transparent, and it is often difficult to untie them. Therefore, it is recommended that you can use silver needles to assist. The needle openings of silver needles are generally very small, and it is better to pick up some strings. However, be careful when operating, so as not to tie yourself, and it is better to put the rope on the table as much as possible.


Method.Ⅱ Drizzle with olive oil


I believe that many people have olive oil at home. The texture of olive oil is smooth, not only can it be used for cooking, but also used as a lubricant. It is suggested that you can apply a little olive oil to the knotted necklace rope, and then rub it with your fingers a few times. Then you will find that it is much easier to untie the rope. If you don't have olive oil at home, you can use blended oil instead.


Method.Ⅲ Unzip with your fingers


If the knotted part of the necklace is not very small, you can also untie it with your own fingers, especially those who have nails. The sharp nails may be able to tear apart some of the knots on the outside. But the premise is that your nails are hard enough to avoid the phenomenon of nails being bent.



After talking about how to untie necklace knots, the editor will also introduce you to a small coup for preventing necklace knots.

You need to prepare a straw with a diameter larger than the diameter of the necklace, then put one end of the necklace into the straw, and let it pass through the other end of the straw, only need to deal with one side of the necklace, then tie the necklace and collect it Well, it won't be knotted the next time you take it out.

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