Handmade Sterling Silver Freesia Floral Filigree S925 Silver Necklace

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Color: gold

Freesia gives me the feeling of freshness and restraint. just like the ladies who read poetry and books in ancient times. they have a quiet sense of distance

Production time: 10-20 days (working days)
Material: S925 silver gold plated
Craft: handmade. filigree craft sachet

Making process:

1:Make flower petals

Cut out the shape of the petals

Use a file to sand the edges of the petals

Use a hammer to shape the three-dimensional effect of the petals

Bend the tips of the petals with pliers

Sand the uneven edges of the petals again

6 petals completed

Welding of petals - red wax mud is mainly used to make a fixed effect of layered three-dimensional modeling

Filigree sachet

It mainly made a heart shape. and added a small switch. which can be opened and closed freely to replace the sachet


The main process is probably introduced. For more details. please watch the video